Infographic: Who Can You Trust?


Who Can You Trust?
How to Choose a Safe CBD Solution

Recent years have seen a flood of hemp-derived CBD supplements in the animal healthcare space. With so many competing products, it can be difficult to choose which product to give your pet–or where to even begin. Here are a few questions to consider while conducting your CBD research.

Has the product been proven to work in a clinical trial?
As is with any healthcare product or treatment, it is comforting to know if a CBD product has been backed by scientific evidence, such as clinical trials and pharmacokinetic studies.

Is the product proven to be safe?
Above all else, a hemp-derived CBD product should be proven safe. Beyond clinical trials and third-party lab testing, ElleVet has established the scientific standard in the hemp industry by conducting long-term safety studies on all our products. No matter what CBD product you try, always demand proof of safety.

Is the product endorsed, recommended, and sold by veterinarians?
ElleVet Sciences remains one of the only CBD+CBDA manufacturers endorsed by veterinarians nationwide. Veterinarians trust ElleVet because our products are backed by science, and every batch undergoes rigorous quality assurance testing for industry-leading potency and consistency.

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